Capital Improvement Program

The capital improvement program (CIP) is a five year plan that allocates limited financial resources to high priority needs. It is a primary mechanism for implementing the city’s long-term vision and strategic plan. The program proposes budgeting $167.6 million in capital spending for FY2017, and $1.21 billion over the next 5 years. The latter figure represents a 16% increase over last years capital budget. The map below shares details of the CIP projects currently planned based on its location throughout the city.*

Capital Projects at Various Locations

Some capital projects involve maintenance at multiple facilities throughout the city. These projects are not reflected on the map below, but are instead shown in the table below and on our open data site.
* Please note: This map displays only projects in the FY17-FY21 CIP with a known location. The map does not include technology projects and planning studies.